Best Baby Mobiles – Buyer’s Guide

Hello everyone, it’s Daddyccino here. Best Baby MobilesHere at Mummyccino headquarters we have created a top 10 list of best baby mobiles because we know that choosing a baby mobile can be a difficult decision, especially when there are so many to choose from.

You can look at the list, and choose one that will be perfect for your little one.

There are lots of baby mobiles out there, and some are better than others for specific things. Which one is the best?

We’ll find out soon…

Best Baby Mobiles

Here is the list of Mummyccino’s top 10 best baby mobiles.

ImageProduct NamePoweredRatingCheck Price
Fisher-Price Moonlight Meadow Smart Connect 2-in-1 Projection MobileFisher-Price Moonlight Meadow Smart Connect 2-in-1 Projection MobileBattery5check-price-on-amazon-button
Tiny Love Sweet Island Dreams MobileTiny Love Sweet Island Dreams MobileBattery4.5check-price-on-amazon-button
Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Projection MobileSkip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Projection MobileBattery4.5check-price-on-amazon-button
mobile5smWee Gallery Mobile- Photo Mobile from KikkerlandNo4.5Best Baby Mobiles
Sassy Farm Portable MobileNo4.5Best Baby Mobiles
woodenozsmallWooden Australian Animal Nursery MobileNo4.5Best Baby Mobiles
VTech Baby Soothing Ocean Slumbers MobileVTech Baby Soothing Ocean Slumbers MobileBattery4check-price-on-amazon-button
Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile for CribsManhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile for CribsNo4Best Baby Mobiles
mobile3Woodland Tales Musical MobileWind Up4check-price-on-amazon-button
Flensted Mobiles Nursery Mobiles, 5 Balloon MobileFlensted Mobiles Nursery Mobiles, 5 Balloon MobileNo4Best Baby Mobiles

1. Fisher-Price Moonlight Meadow Smart Connect 2-in-1 Projection Mobile – Mummyccinos Choice


The first baby mobile comes from a well known and well respected brand,  Fisher Price. We will look at the Fisher-Price Moonlight Meadow Smart Connect 2-in-1 Projection Mobile first in our list. It’s our favourite mobile so that’s why we’ve rated it 5 stars and why it’s number 1 on our list.

This mobile is so cool, you can control the movement, the sounds and the visuals from your smart device using the smart control app. The sounds include 30 minutes of lullabies, white noise and nature sounds. The lights include a full colour rotating light show and a amber nightlight.

If your little one is a younger baby, then they can watch a light show on the mobile canopy. When your baby is older, the animal mobile is removed and they can watch the show projected on the ceiling.

It comes with 3 plush animal characters which are a fox, a raccoon and an owl.


Benefits for babys development.

  • The animals and the light show promote visual and eye-tracking skills
  • The sounds and music encourage audio development.
  • The lullabies and white noise help soothe baby.
  • Shaking and grasping the removable pieces help improve the fine motor skills.


Overall, this baby mobile is absolutely brilliant and it’s great for newborns and older babies too.


  • Fantastic Quality
  • Well known brand.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Can be too stimulating/distracting to send baby to sleep


Best Baby Mobiles


2. Tiny Love Sweet Island Dreams Mobile – Top Alternative Choice

Best Baby Mobiles

Next up is the Tiny Love Sweet Island Dreams Mobile. It is suitable from birth to up to 12 months.

This Tiny Love mobile is similar to our number 1 choice, in the way that it adapts as the baby grows. It starts off as a mobile and turns into a music box and night light.

The mobile is controlled by a remote control.  You can use the remote to control how much movement light and music is being used together or individually.

The mobile has leaves that turn 360 degrees

The music box plays 20 minutes of continuous music with 2 classical tunes and 2 nature sounds.


  • Great music
  • Cute Animals
  • Beautiful colours
  • Uses a lot of batteries
  • Motor can be noisy
  • May be too distracting


Best Baby Mobiles

3 Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Projection Mobile

Best Baby Mobiles

In at number 3 is the Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Projection Mobile. Skip Hop are a relatively new brand, only launching in 2003.

This mobile projects stars on the ceiling, the leaves glow and it has eight sounds in total. (4 Lullabies and 4 nature sounds) The lullabies are ine kleine Nachtmusik, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Brahms’ Lullaby and Rock-a-bye Baby. A cool feature on this mobile is that you can choose any combination of Glowing Leaves, projected stars or sounds.

It comes with a remote that you can control the mobile with to turn it on or off. You can connect the mobile to the crib with the control panel facing in or out which is quite cool.

  • Easy to control with a remote
  • Uses quite a lot of batteries
Best Baby Mobiles


4 Wee Gallery Mobile- Photo Mobile from Kikkerland – Best For Personalised Baby Mobiles


In at number 4 in our list of best baby mobiles comes this customisable baby mobile. The Wee Gallery mobile from Kikkerland is a fantastic mobile where you can hang your own photos or cards and really make it your own. You could put in family photos, baby photos or whatever you fancy!

It’s a great budget mobile and the fact that it is stainless steel means it will last a long time so you really get value for money.

The clips have serrated edges so you would need to be careful when you attach your precious photos.

  • Personalise with your own images
  • Cheap to buy.
  • Doesn’t come with cards
  • Doesn’t rotate very well
  • Can seem quite flimsy


Best Baby Mobiles


5 Sassy Farm Portable Mobile – Best Portable Mobile

Best Baby Mobiles

In our list of best baby mobiles, the Sassy Farm Portable Mobile is our choice for the best portable mobile.

The arm is an amazing bright red which is the first colour a baby can see. With the black and white pattens, the cute faces and the mirror, these engage babys sense of sight.

  • Light & Compact
  • Portable
  • Arm is quite short


Best Baby Mobiles

6 Wooden Australian Animal Nursery Mobile – Best For Environment.


Last in our list of best baby mobiles is this wooden animal mobile.

This amazing mobile comes all the way from down under!

It’s made from sustainable Tasmanian oak timber and looks fantastic.

The animals are really cute and this mobile would be great for a little one who loves Australia.


  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Fantastic Animal Shapes
  • Not terribly exciting as it’s only made from wood.

Best Baby Mobiles

8 VTech Baby Soothing Ocean Slumbers Mobile

Best Baby Mobiles


Number 7 in our list is the VTech Baby Soothing Ocean Slumbers Mobile. Just like the Fisher Price mobile and the Tiny Love Mobile, this mobile is also a 2 in 1. As baby grows , it can be changed from a crib mobile into a crib toy.

It’s suitable from birth and up to 2 years so it has quite a wide age range.

The design on this mobile is really great, it has some really nice brightly coloured animal characters and the overall look is fantastic too. It also has a projector feature where it can project ocean themed images onto a wall or ceiling.

Another cool feature is that it plays more than 45 songs, melodies and phrases to help baby sleep.

Some people have had problems with this mobile after a couple of months where it has stopped working so it may be worth bearing that in mind.


  • Reasonably Priced
  • Nice Bright Colours
  • Wide age range
  • Doesn’t seem to connect to crib very well
  • Tends to stop working for some people after a couple of months

Best Baby Mobiles


8 Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile for Cribs

Best Baby Mobiles

This mobile is made from Manhattan Toy. It comes from their award winning Wimmer Ferguson infant collection. Wimmer Ferguson are the original innovator of black and white developmental toys and in our opinion the best baby mobiles for early visual development.

It’s quite a simple mobile, as it isn’t powered in any way and it’s really good for early visual development as it displays high contrast colors and images.

The mobile comes with 10 cards that are interchangable so you can mix it up and make the mobile only show simple patterns or more complex ones. A really cool feature about this is the fact that the cards are marked by age, so you can change them as your baby gets older.

You can adjust the cord on the mobiles length to make it shorter or longer depending on how developed your babies vision is.

The clasp doesn’t fit all sizes of crib, so may be difficult to attach.


  • Cards are interchangable
  • Cord length is adjustable
  • Not Powered
  • Can be difficult to attach cards
  • May not fit all crib sizes


Best Baby Mobiles

9 Lambs & Ivy Woodland Tales Musical Mobile – Best Wind Up Mobile

Lambs & Ivy Woodland Tales Musical Mobile

Most of the mobiles on our list of best baby mobiles are battery powered. This mobile isn’t. It’s powered by winding it up. The best wind up baby mobile in our list is Lambs & Ivy Woodland Tales Musical Mobile.

It’s a beautiful mobile with really cute animals.

When you wind it up it plays Brahms’ Lullaby.

The only downside to this mobile is it only plays music for about 5 minutes and then you have to go and wind it up again.


The music doesn’t last very long, which means winding it back up, which can be quite loud


  • Beautiful looking
  • Cute
  • Don’t need batteries
  • Doesn’t play music for very long
  • Doesn’t seem to fit all cribs


Best Baby Mobiles

10 Flensted Mobiles Nursery Mobiles, 5 Balloon Mobile – Best Baby Mobile For Themed Nurseries

Flensted Mobiles Nursery Mobiles, 5 Balloon Mobile

This balloon mobile is a great mobile from Flensted Mobiles. Flensted Mobiles are a family run business based in Denmark.

This nursery mobile comes with 5 balloons in different colours.

It goes great in a room or nursery that has a travel theme.

  • Colourful Balloons
  • Great for a Travel themed room
  • Can be quite fragile and the balloons can tear easily
  • Can be fiddly


Best Baby Mobiles

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