Potty training for beginners

Potty training! Something you really just have to get used to if you have a toddler.

We have taken the softly, softly, gently, gently approach. Leaving it up to our daughter to decide when she is ready. We have had the potty and toilet training seats around the house for I don’t even know how long now but months if not years.

Once you set in on potty training you realise that actually it’s pretty grim, so we have stepped it up a gear to toilet training as it is a lot easier to flush a loo than it is to clean a potty out!

Partly due to “signs of readiness”, partly due to an enforced reduction in excursions (car in car garage for 2 weeks) we decided it was time to potty train in earnest and armed ourselves with stickers and a reward chart. I gave Annabella the choice of a small reward for if she could complete a full week of using the toilet and she requested a Cinderella dress, which I thought seemed fair enough.

Well can you believe it – a week later and with minimal fuss, and only a couple of teeny accidents, hey presto! I hope I am not speaking too soon, but I thought we have it cracked! So there you go – potty training for beginners can be pretty straight forward if you get your timing right.

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