The Mummy twilight hours

I have been averaging a blog post once a year… but I am hoping I can somehow delve into my memories and fill in some of the gaps over the coming months. Watch this space!

Do you know about the Mummy twilight hours? It’s the time after the children go to sleep and before you fall asleep. So far in this time tonight I have picked up toys, cleaned work surfaces, cleaned toilets, finished off some work, tried to sort out the washing up and stuff in the kitchen, amongst other things. It’s the time of night that Mummy’s go into overdrive to get some jobs done before being rudely awoken again early by the little ones in their life.

I can almost picture Mums all around the country like an army behind the scenes beavering away while they can before Jimmy or Betsey wakes up and asks for a glass of water. I am on a roll tonight I am going back in time to yesterday and will write up a blog from that day.

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