The googly eye incident

You know it’s a bad day in the office when your husband rings you up in a panic and utters the words. “Bella’s got a googly eye stuck up her nose!”

I am quite impressed that I managed to remain calm enough to finish off what I was doing, get a lift to the car garage to (finally) pick up our run-down car and make it home to see what the situation was like.

Arriving home our daughter was visibly distressed and I could not see the offending item up her nose. Fresh to the situation I was still fairly calm compared to my husband who had already unbeknownst to me he had been trying to get her to sniff pepper in case she would sneeze the googly eye out!

Luckily I had recently been watching something on TV about a toddler with something stuck up their nose and learnt about the “Mothers kiss” technique which requires you to close the other nostril give a short puff of breath in the mouth at which point the object is supposed to fly out. This didn’t work. The googly eye was stuck fast. I was starting to panic a little by now.

I equipped myself with a torch and getting my daughter to lie back finally sighted the googly eye and was lucky enough I could grab it with a pair of small tweezers. Phew! A and E trip averted. Such a relief and we were very lucky we could get it out. Don’t try this at home please if you find yourself in a similar pickle with a toddler and something stuck up their nose, go to your GP or local A and E. As apparently if it goes too far up it can be a serious problem and you really don’t want it to go up further.

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