5 signs you have a toddler in your house

If you have a 2 year old then these will probably strike a cord with you, if they don’t then, well, brace yourself I bet these will soon become all too familiar!

1. The surprise shoes – you will often find a random toy, piece of rubbish or something completely bizarre posted into your shoes.
2. The toilet paper monster – there is never enough toilet roll in the house. Even if you haven’t started potty training yet, the loo roll will magically disappear or be unravelled as part of an elaborate game. If you are potty training, you will find yourself trying to explain each time that every wipe does not require an entire loo roll to be unravelled.
3. Toy mayhem – there are more toys in your living room than at your local toddler group. This can lead to “lego foot” – injuries caused by stepping onto the smallest and sharpest plastic toy left lying around
4. Cartoon zone – television no longer revolves around watching what you’d like to watch instead cartoons are deployed as a “parenting tool” for emergencies like cooking disasters and cleaning up before the grandparents come over
5. You trip over the potty on a daily basis

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