cassbellaI am still in my Mummy bubble where I feel like first and foremost I am a Mummy to my beautiful tot who is suddenly 20 months old. I have been planning to blog for the past couple of years – first about my pregnancy journey and then about the first year of my bubs’ life. A lot of my pregnancy was spent puking whilst trying to hold down a new job and the first year of my baby’s life I felt like a train wreck and was incapable of not spilling a cup of tea, let alone blogging. I hope to fill in some of the blanks in my blog to help document the fabulous journey we are having as a family.

I’m married to John, we live in pretty Great Malvern and can often be found out and about exploring with our little button.

In recent years I have worked as a journalist, copy writer and reviewer. Whilst a student I had the pleasure of temping in a variety of temp roles including packing t-shirts, gluing sample sachets into magazines, and even selling (trying to sell) industrial sized bubble wrap over the phone.

Mummyccino came about after I recently took my daughter into a coffee shop and she had her first Babyccino. She loved the experience and excitedly chattered away “Babyccino” she kept repeating pointing at her cute little cup of frothy milk and then “Mummyccino” pointing at my cappuccino, and so “Mummyccino” was born.

I love to drink cappuccino’s, eat cake and chat!